Are your furry family members suffering from pain related ailments? Do they have a hard time walking or making it up the stairs? Do they suffer from seizures or anxiety? PSA: Do not overpay for hemp oil because it has "pet" on the label! We provide our high potency pet product for the same price as our human product.  Our hemp oil with full spectrum, rich in cannabidiol and its effectiveness on pets, make many people a believer in the power of CBD and Cannabinoids. When it comes to pain in pets they cannot lie. We see and hear many stories of pets who have their quality of life back after adding hemp cannabinoids to their diets.  Our own dog, Maghee, is 17 and it seems like she could live forever after being on hemp oil. She could barely make it up the stairs a year ago and now she has pep in her step again. 30-60 day supply depending on the size of pet and dosage. Derived from USDA Certified Organic full hemp plant extract in organic MCT coconut oil. Vapor Distillation | Superior Flavor | Biodynamically Farmed Description: Sourced from high quality, true spectrum extract from Colorado-grown organic hemp plants. Our cutting-edge vapor distillation, solvent-less extraction is similar to essential oil extraction methods used for centuries. This process preserves all of the synergistic terpenes and cannabinoids to ensure maximum effectiveness.  Infused in organic MCT oil for additional health benefits. 30 ml tincture bottles with graduated dropper. 



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Phytorite Fido & Friends 600mg







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