Bipolorado was created to celebrate the ups and downs of Colorado's crazy weather while bringing attention to mental health issues.  But sometimes, we CAN blame it on the weather.

Not only is CBD a great natural pain reliever but do you know the many other benefits of CBD? Especially its ability to combat anxiety, depression, OCD and more? 

 CBD is changing lives. 


We have discovered an overwhelming positive correlation between CBD and the improvement it has on mental health. Mental health issues are more prevalent than you might think.  Our goals with our Bipolorado and Dys'Funktional Street Wear lines are to support and compassionately advocate for those on mental health sabbaticals and to let people know  "You Are Not Alone."


Buy purchasing our apparel, you are supporting Colorado's youth who suffer from mental health and abuse issues as a portion of every sale will be donated to local organizations in need.

If you or someone is struggling, there are immediate resources available.

1-800-950-NAMI (6264) 






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